Community members, parents, athletes and alumni are all encouraged to support Wenatchee High School Athletics by joining the Booster Club!

Becoming a member is as simple as completing the membership form and sending in a donation at the level of your choice:

Panther Level

Donate $25 - $49

Aron and LeAnne Branam
Chuck Largent*
Dave and Eva Osburn
David and Cindy Murie
Diane Schafer-Cloke*
Don and Donna Shoemake*
Don and Pam Van Winkle*
Heidi Tibbits
Janet Anderson
Kelly and Patty Gillin
Kiley Walker
Kim Dunbar
Krisann and Kelley Hankins
Kurt and Darlene Swartz
Larry and Kelli Cordes
Laura Gaukroger-Holland
Marta Gonzalez
Megan Alaniz
Nilufer Wheeler
Pat Loftus*
Rich and Beth Smallbeck*
Sara Eggers

Gold Level

Donate $50 - $99

Brad and Amy Eckert
Brian and Paula Ziesmer
Brian and Wendy Focht*
Bruce and Rexine Bennett*
Carlton and Mary Olson*
Chad and Wendy Bowman
Cheryl Miller
Christina Willett
Dave Jagla
Earl and Barbara Tilly*
Eric and Wendy Graves*
Eric Anderson
Gary and Mikael Gavin*
Jackie Andrewjeski
Jake and KC St. John
Jen and Matt Newman
Joe and Nora Black
John Cumpton
Kiesha Scheib-Cumpton
Lily Wieczorek
Lyn Kelley
Mark and D.D. Miller*
Michael and Andrea Hartley
Paul and Camille Jackson
Scott and Jennifer Devereaux*
Sharron Johnson
Stefan and Heidi Fromm
Steve Roche

Century Level

Donate $100 - $149

Andrew and Connie Toth
Anne and Rod Higley
Brad and Sharon Selland*
Brian and Betty Karcutski
Byron Blauman
Chad and Brooke Page McBride
Craig and Heidi Kunz
David and Barbara Walters
David and Mary Jo Corrigan
DJ and Natalie Dorey
Dmitri Tchitchkan
Ed and Susan Valdez*
Eric and Jennifer Christensen
Eric and Rosemary Wulf
James and Kathy Elwyn
Jim and Angie Beeson*
Jocelyn Flitton
Jonathan and Jena Bolles
Kevin and Kris Files
Kyle and Kasey Carey
Lance and Angie McGinnis
Lori Ksander
Mark and Susan Willoughby
Peter and Carmen Van Well
Peter and Susan Valaas*
Samantha Jagla
Scott and Maribeth Marboe*
Todd and Kerri Parmenter

Platinum Level

Donate $150 - $249

Aaron and Suzanne Jones
Brad and Karin Schock*
Chad and Amanda Holaday
Danna and Kurt Brownlee
Dave and Mary Hyde
Ed and Teresa Loidhamer*
John and Tina Wagner
Mike and Julie Broxson
Patrick and Robin Brown
Steve and Tina Tidd*
Tim and Jeannine Barnwell*
Todd and Erin George
Todd and Siobhan Fryhover*

Diamond Level

Donate $250+

Bob and Jackie Wilt
Bryan and Lorna Worley
Cathy Ridgeway
Dave and Leanna Nelson
David and Karen Wiggum*
Don Paugh*
Gray Horn Construction
HR Spinner*
Jamie and Thea  Gyde
Jarecki Family
Jeff and Brigid Chvilicek
Jenny and Mike Rickel*
Jim and Ivy Murray
John and Christina Albert
John and Melanie McQuaig
MarShaun Orchards*
Paul and Janelle Blakney
Ron and Taunya Brown
Shaun and Niki Stegeman
Thomas and Melanie Tucker
Travis and Lucy Clark

* indicates sustaining-no student attending

Booster Club members enjoy knowing that 100% of their contributions fund projects and programs that benefit student athletes at WHS.

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