Community members, parents, athletes and alumni are all encouraged to support Wenatchee High School Athletics by joining the Booster Club! Becoming a member is as simple as completing the membership form and sending in a donation at the level of your choice:

Panther Level

Donate $25 - $49

Sarah Knoop
Emma Dormaier*
Katya Hovda
Joe and Ann Gaspers*
Kate Norland

Gold Level

Donate $50 - $99

Tina and John Wagner
Janice Rainbolt*
Martin Barron *
Tiffany Hepton
Jennifer Brandt
Bruce Bennett*
John and Dana Schmidt*
Caiti and George Velazquez
Larry and Barb Brown*
Brea and Mark Blakney
Donna Bixby
Steve and Laura Roche

Fr Michael and Makrina Shanbour


Century Level

Donate $100 - $149

Russell and Tasha Lytle*
Kathyrn Elwyn
Korey and Kasey Payne

Earl and Barbara Tilly*
Molly and Rhett Butler
Daniel Dietzman
Stephanie and Si Stuber
Noelle Grigsby
Josephine Oberweiser*
Alicia Volyn
Jim and Angie Beeson*

Cathy Ridgeway
Erin and Shane Cass
Jaime Pakinas
Sheila and Rodney Borden
David and Karen Wiggum*
Goodwin Family

Lance and Kristyn Ballew

Megan and Dan Kovanen

Robin and Tracy Kansky*

Angi and Kevin Waligorski

Platinum Level

Donate $150 - $249

Kathleen Payen
Todd and Amy Keisz
Cory and Rick Wray
Tom and Jackie Andrewjeski*
Ed and Teresa Loidhamer*
Alex and Stephanie Cosina
Scott and Jennifer Devereaux
Jenna and Johnathan Bolles
Desiree Jones
Albert and Shelby Torres

Diamond Level

Donate $250+

Panagiotou Family
Jim and Ivy Murray
Ellie Coen
Travis and Lucy Clark
Rob and Jennifer Jorgensen
Tina and Kirk Willett
Robin and Ryan Demirjian
Brooke and John Berry
Jason and Heidi Loewen

Niki Stegeman

Troy and Kim Toftness

Michael and Jennifer Noyd

Tate and Lauren Mathison
Todd and Siobhan Fryhover *
Chris and Carrie McCarthy


* indicates sustaining-no student attending

Booster Club members enjoy knowing that 100% of their contributions fund projects and programs that benefit student athletes at WHS.

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